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Holistic Pilates Specialist

I believe in happiness through health

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Meet Ieva Dzelzs, Your Holistic Pilates Specialist! With over a decade of dedicated experience in both group and personal training, I am deeply committed to guiding individuals toward their fitness goals. My passion lies in Pilates, where I've honed expertise that fosters strength, flexibility, and balance, transforming bodies and minds along the way. Areas of Expertise: Pilates Mastery: My specialization in Pilates isn't just about exercise; it's a lifestyle. Through tailored routines, I help you discover the transformative power of controlled movements, breathing, and concentration. Weight Loss & Intermittent Fasting: I understand the complexities of weight management and have extensive experience in implementing effective strategies, including the utilization of intermittent fasting techniques. Together, we'll create sustainable plans for your journey towards a healthier weight. Nutrition Consulting: A healthy lifestyle isn't just about exercise—it's also about fueling your body right. I offer personalized nutrition consulting to complement your fitness regimen, ensuring you have the knowledge and support to make informed choices. Mindful Practices: In addition to physical fitness, I also offer Pranayama and other breathing and relaxation practices to ease busy minds and alleviate stress. Your well-being extends beyond the body; it encompasses mental tranquility and peace. What I Offer: Follow-Ups & Motivation: Beyond our training sessions, I provide continuous support and motivation. I'm dedicated to your success and am available to guide you every step of the way. Goal Setting & Execution: Your goals become my mission. We'll set achievable milestones and work together relentlessly to surpass them, celebrating each accomplishment along the journey. My Philosophy: I believe in happiness through health. My aim isn't just to transform your body but to enhance your overall well-being. I'm dedicated to ensuring that everyone I work with not only achieves their fitness objectives but also finds joy in the process. Availability Note: Due to limited availability, I am selectively seeking dedicated students committed to their fitness journey. I work with individuals aged 18 to 60, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for all. Let's embark on this journey together, where fitness meets fulfillment, well-being, and a balanced mind. Join me in discovering a healthier, happier you!

Lokasjoner: Frogner, Bærum

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